Commercial Welding and Iron Work

13686726_308277972848789_3104207419279360233_nArchitectural Welding

Fernandes Welding provides metal fabrication and welding services for a wide range of architectural projects including staircases, railings, fire escapes, structural supports and beams and full range of decorative details.

Our clients included restaurants and retailers, corporate and college campuses, hospitals and healthcare providers.

Automotive and Industrial Repairs

Front end loader repairFernandes Welding commercial services include automotive welding, wheel rims and heavy equipment repairs.  With our experience, craftsmanship and imagination we can return metal parts to as-new condition and save the cost of replacing expensive machinery. Our mobile units are fully equipped to service your large equipment at your facility.

Welding Services: Steel & Aluminum
  • Staircases and Railings
  • Aluminum Boat Ramps and Docks
  • Spiral and Circular Stairs
  • Window covers and Planter Boxes
  • Fences, Pool Railings and Security Gates
  • Wheelchair Rails