Residential Welding and Iron Work

circular stairsInterior Residential Welding

Fernandes Welding works to bring distinction to your home with unique metal creations that add durable elegance to your property.

We craft a wide range of stairways and railings from straight to oval to circular, with your choice of elegant hand wrought railings or smooth pipe railings. Whether curved or straight, our rails are made to fit your stair. We have a full range of finishes including wire wheel and sand blasting, powder coating to patinas. Our craftsmen create a unique elegance that leaves a lasting impression.

Exterior Residential Welding

Fernandes Welding creates exquisite decorative metalwork to enhance the exterior of your home. Ironwork gates and window dressings impart a quiet richness to your home and add a secure, but discrete, barrier to intruders.

13728913_308277982848788_1795838008505496567_nWrought iron fences and gates add refinement to the entryways to your property and protect your vehicles and outdoor possessions from vandalism and theft. Pool owners know that they need secure fencing to keep neighborhood children from getting into trouble when there’s no one around to watch over them.

Many homes in our area, particularly those built before current building codes were active, lack the safety of a second exit from living spaces on upper floors. Our custom fire escapes give residents the security of knowing that in case of emergency they have a safe way to leave their living quarters.

Welding Services: Steel & Aluminum
  • Staircases and Railings
  • Spiral and Circular Stairs
  • Window covers and Planter Boxes
  • Fences, Pool Railings and Security Gates
  • Wheelchair Rails